Our Services

Pipe Fittings and Welding
Perfect fitting of mild and stainless steel pipes. We also carry out the Roving of elbow to different angles, fittings of values and instrument boxes. We undertake Arc and Argon welding of fitted joints to consistently high standards.

Installation of Different kinds and Sizes of Machines/Equipment.

Water Treatment
Storage tank fabrications(both floating and fixed), Structural stands, Sedimentation tanks, Filtration tanks, Pump servicing etc.

Insulation and Cladding
Hot and cold insulation of pipe network and Cladding of Tanks.

Installation, Overhauling and Maintenance of Entire Packaging Hall
We have vast experience in the overhauling of and maintenance of various kinds of bottling hall equipment such as, Washer, Pasteurizer, Labeller, Depallestiser, Palletiser, Decrater, Filler, and Conveyors etc

Electrical Installations
Installation of electrical panels, lying of cable trays, installation of cable, glands and clips. We also carry out cable termination and commissioning.

Provision of Equipment and Machinery
We can provide equipment and machinery as needed, including, but not limited to: Cranes, Forklifts & Welding Machines (Argon & Arc) etc.